Fur and Hooves Pet Care LLC is locally owned and operated by Emma Saunders in Killingworth, Connecticut.  She has been an animal lover and horse enthusiast all her life! She's had many types of pets in her lifetime; horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, mice and gerbils to name a few. She enjoys the companionship and loyalty pets can bring. They've become a big part of life and bring many wonderful memories and much enjoyment.  Horses are her passion! The bond one can have with a horse is an amazing partnership. She has been riding since she was 8 years old and leased her first pony at 13! She's also shown horses for their owners and worked at countless stables including one in Tampa, FL during the HITS show series. Emma feels great joy caring for and spending time with pets and has many years of hands on experience. Leaving a horse, cat or dog at home to be cared for when you need to go away can be stressful and difficult. Horses especially because they are big, strong animals who need the right person to look after them. Fur and Hooves Pet Care LLC is here to help you feel at ease when you need to or want to be away.

Emma is bonded and insured, as well as a member of PSI, PSA, CHSA and is Pet CPR certified.

Services Offered:

Horses Care Packages
Farm Animals (all types)
Cat & Kitten at Home Care
Dog & Puppy at Home Care
Small Animals, Birds & Fish

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No breed discrimination!
Free Consultations
Customized Packages
Fully Bonded
Fully Insured

Fur and Hooves Pet Care LLC ~ PO Box 831 ~ Killingworth, CT 06419 ~ 860-262-8092 ~ furandhooves@gmail.com ~